CALIDOSCOPIO is a collection of art and poetry that I created in Cebu upon my return from a 4-month creative self-exile in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, located in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico’s Northern Central Highlands.
I embarked on my Mexican adventure with the intention of understanding and developing clay as an alternative medium, but my creations took a different form upon my return -that of painted quilts and poetry...
This collection is dedicated to Mexico, having been inspired by the wealth of Mexican landscape and architectural heritage but most especially by the spirit of its people -their contaminating passion for dance, music, love, and everything that resonates life... That even death is a celebrated fact of life.
CALIDOSCOPIO is a collection of painted quilts with a spherical composition capturing a moment of thought or reminiscence in my desire to get across the message that if we see our life as a whole and not by every bit and fragment then we will realize that every person, pain, and passion comes to us for a reason. "Como un caleidoscopio, la vida esta llena de pedazos de vidrios de colores que reflejan un espectaculo de imagenes. Aprecia el caleidoscopio que es tu vida, !Siempre vela a la luz!". "Like a kaleidoscope, life is full of bits of colored glass that reflect a spectacle of images. Appreciate the kaleidoscope that is your life, always see it in the light!"
Here are a few pieces from the CALIDOSCOPIO collection