The Fish-to-Face Collection
I’m quite a beginner in diving, but the diving trip that I did with some friends at dive sites Doljo and Balicasag Island (both in Bohol) in the Summer of 1996 ws a remarkable experience.
Too bad, time is never enough. Ascending time always comes too soon, always when you are just beginning to enjoy yourself underwater. Then the big question came to mind, What if air is never an issue? This is the entire idea of Fish-to-Face: humans breathing freely underwater, strolling on the ocean floor, frolicking with turtles, dolphins and other denizens of the deep.
Fish-to-Face is a collection of mixed media paintings done on paper, stretched and preframed canvas, exhibited at the Ayala Museum, Makati, Metro Manila in November, 1996.
"Her paintings are like a breath of green air in the local art scene. It’s like going from the dusty street into a woody hide-away that’s full of magical secrets."
"Paulina’s latest art exhibit tells of the same high-spirited and imaginative interpretation of the world. It is there for us to enjoy. Issues may be there but they are not forced on you. Like good poetry, one can enjoy her work at the first level."
"She warns that this is not a documentary effort - but a unique dip in the deep. As much as she enjoyed the corals and the rainbow fishes, we can expect to have the same good time. After all, art uplifts, art inspires, and art whimsical and witty momentarily makes us forget how grey the world has become."
- Excerpts from The Whimsical and Witty World of Paulina
  By Leticia U. Suarez Sun-Star Daily, Cebu October 12, 1996
Here are a few pieces from the FISH-TO-FACE collection