The Floral Chorus Collection
FloralChorus is a collection of paintings done on kitchen cabinet faces, preframed canvases and recycled paper. It was exhibited at the 'G' Designs Gallery, Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Hotel in May 1996. May is the flower month in the Philippines.
Delightful pieces carry various themes such as maternal love, youthful courtship and friendships. Animals and insects accompany the flowers and humans in her canvases. The flowers are rendered like pieces in a collage. The bees, birds and butterflies seem to fly across the frame, hovering along the edge. Paulina is very baroque in spirit, assembling a jungle of good stuff - man, music and nature.
"Constancia continually experiments devoid of any preconceived notions. She goes by heart, letting the feel of the moment take the lead. The results are works that are fresh, candid and distinctively Paulina Constancia."
"There is a freshness in her color and an obvious looseness of style that is refreshing. After watching so many pieces that have dealt with art with utmost seriousness, one appreciates this artists naivete and lightness."
- Excerpts from Paulina Constancia Blooms with Floral Chorus
  The Philippine Star, April 29, 1996
Here are a few pieces from the FLORAL CHORUS collection