The phrase "And Heaven and Nature Sing" might just bring Christmas memories to mind. However, this collection is not about the Christmas story. Although it captures some essentials of the Christmas spirit- love, peace and joy. In this collection, I present man joyfully coexisting with four-legged and winged co-earth dwellers.
Imagination and play are undoubtedly the key elements in my art and in this collection I add a third: a whole lot of texture (that looks tempting to touch) and a fourth element - poetry (as I experiment with painting with words). I made this collection at a farm studio in Carcar, Cebu. Naturally, I took inspiration from the company of animals. The property where I lived had no 'right of way'; so the goats, horses and cows of our friendly neighbors decided whether to allow me passage or not. And there were many interesting melodies at the farm: guinea hens, roosters, frogs, cows and sheep- daily belting out their individual arias. This is probably why the music in my work could not possibly take a leave as nature indeed brings music to mind (obviously because music was in the first place created in man’s hope to imitate nature).
And Heaven and Nature Sing is a collection of cement bas relief, exhibited at the CAP Art Center, Cebu, in December 1997.
Here are a few pieces from the AND HEAVEN AND NATURE SING collection