The SOLO Collection
Solo is the title of my first one-woman exhibition. It features my experimentations with mismatched patterns, odd textures, daring coordinates, twisted subjects, and broken spatial limits. I have also used different media from canvas, ceramic plates, scrap and recycled metals to create assemblage sculptures.
Solo was shown at The Gallery, Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu, in January 1995.
"Her works exude a youthful exuberance that is almost unbelievable. And older viewers may easily be tempted to reflect on the length of time since we have felt such innocent exuberance."
"There is a freshness in her color and an obvious looseness of style that is refreshing. After watching so many pieces that have dealt with art with utmost seriousness, one appreciates this artists naivete and lightness."
- Excerpts from UP CLOSE: Looking at Paulina
  By Raymund R. Fernandez, Sunstar Horizons, February, 1995
Here are a few pieces from the SOLO collection