The TWOgetherness Collection
There’s always joy in sharing a moment! Be it the morning news, a cup of coffee; or be it walking the pets, savoring scents at the Jardin Botanico, a good laugh at the movies...
Trite or trivial as it may seem - somehow, what’s fun is funner. The coffee tastes richer. The news sound newer. The scents seem sweeter. Yes, when there’s someone to agree or disagree with every notion or emotion...
I don’t intend to discount the peace and value of solitude... there is time for everything! But funny enough, when we are alone - we never really are. Our mind sees faces, smells perfume, hears voices. For yes, whether or not it is clear to us, the moments unwittingly forge the bond. Before we know it, certain people have made a permanent imprint in our hearts, in our lives.
The TWOgetherness/Estando Juntos collection was a product of my 4-month creative self-exile in the town of San Miguel de Allende, in Guanajuato, Mexico. The collection is mainly bas-relief pieces in clay (with raku glaze and paint accentuation) with poetry to accompany every piece. The collection was shown at the gallery of Teatro Angela Peralta in San Miguel de Allende.
Here are a few pieces from the TWOgetherness collection
(with raku glaze & paint accent)

(hand painted with add-ons)