The PULSO! Collection
The PULSO collection was created during the months that I lived in Dundas Street West, Toronto in 2001. It was shown at the Gallery 7, in the trendy Yorkville area. More pieces were added to the collection as I returned to Cebu that year and together they were shown in a 2002 Valentine show called Kiss & Bliss at the Waterfront Hotel. The collection features my newly developed paintitchings -much like the painted quilts but minus the foam backing.
"I have never seen so much optimism and joie de vivre depicted in a set of artworks as those I noticed in Paulina’s: whether these depict the joy of a mother soon to give birth, children at play, a musical ensemble, Adam and Eve in a Philippine Garden of Eden, or even a suspected self-portrait. And what burst of allegorical imagery! These just transform one to an idyllic farm or a surreal world that can only be in the mind of one who truly appreciates and respects nature. Indeed, the exhibit is aptly titled "PULSO", the artist truly following her own heart beat and the rhythm of Mother Earth."
"Strong Mexican-South American influences are unmistakable in Paulina Constancia oeuvres: a cumbachero framing a scene, omnipresent ears of maize (a critic actually once noted that Paulina's are not short Pinoy mais but more of the long Mexican variety), or the perennial sun. Contorted bodies and animals in flight or engaged in human activity suggest that there's more to the artist than being just an admirer of Marc Chagall (for defying the laws of gravity) or Salvador Dali (the comically mustachioed Spanish pintor for his fascination with REM. Whether influenced by their works or not, Paulina admits to looking up to Pablo Picasso for experimenting with various media and to Grandma Moses for the courage in picking up the brush late in life..."
- Excerpts from PAULINA CONSTANCIA: Sipping from Her Glass of Samba
  By Ricardo J.S. Caluen,Filipino Bulletin, Toronto, October 2001
Here are a few paintstichings from the PULSO! collection