The StoryTiling Collection
What was the most endearing element of the storytelling tradition? The element of it being a tradition of "mutual gift-giving". The mutual gift was "presence". The teller had to be fully present and committed to giving life to the story as the listener had to be fully present and attentive to understand and appreciate the adventure or lesson of the story.
The collection serves as an invitation to my viewers to pause for a moment and experience some tropical tales. I am playing storyteller using a different medium, not verse nor lines - but TILES. This makes me a storytiler.. Thus, the name of the show came about - STORYTiling.
The StoryTiling collection depicts basic human themes such as maternal love, child’s play, friendship, romantic love, music and leisure, joy, grief,etc. In the end, life is but a tale to tell generations to come. It is important that we recognize that each of us play a unique and important role. There are no greater or lesser beings amongst us. We are all here to "fully live" and be "fully present", whether life assigns us to be a "teller" or a "listener".
* The StoryTiling Collection was created in Louisville, Vancouver and Calgary . The collection was exhibited in 3 different venues -The Kutz Centre, Spalding University in Louisville, the Artspace Gallery in Calgary and the Gallery West in Cebu.
"Far from the images of a problem-riddled Philippines of the Marcos and Aquino era, StoryTiling depicts a carefree levity and a child-like whimsy unfamiliar to those of us who have only viewed the coutry through the eyes of network news media."
"Cats, turtles, water buffaloes and birds weave their way into the world of the Cebuanos, piggybanking on bicycles, orchestrating trapeze acts on clotheslines and playing string instruments at the county fair. The world of StoryTiling is equal parts Aesop’s Fables and Marc Chagall..."
- Excerpts from Visual Arts
  By Anne Marie Nakagawa Fast Forward Magazine, Calgary, Nov. 2002
Here are a few pieces from the STORYTILING collection