About the Collection

This collection - "A Full Life!" - is dear to me because it is a reflection of my own life as a mother, wife and artist who struggles to keep some semblance of creative life while raising a child.

Before marriage and motherhood, I had lived my life to the fullest – working, traveling, exhibiting my art in many countries, writing poetry and stories. Then marriage came. For years, I vacillated about having children as I feared that when the child comes there will no longer be time to do my art. But as I drew closer to 40, and my biological clock started ticking louder, I had to revisit the topic. So I did the most natural thing- I consulted my mother.

She had six of us so I thought she would be able to provide some wise counsel. But you see my mother was a busy businesswoman and all of us were delegated to the care of full-time nannies. Here’s my mother’s advice: “you should have children, they’re easy to care for - all they really do is eat and sleep.” And so I chose to have a child.

Upon my son’s arrival, I was introduced to a very different world. The world of full-time mothering--- a concept very alien to me since my mother was nowhere close to being a ’hands-on mom’. Yes, she was right- babies do eat and sleep but guess what- that’s not all they do. And they grow up. And every stage presents a new set of challenges and delights.

This show is not intended as a venue for me to complain about my life. It is to honor the women (mothers & proxy moms alike) who so generously offer their lives to raise, care and inspire the next generation – the inheritors of the earth. The care of children is a full & multi-faceted life. No doubt it is demanding and exhausting, but it is also truly gratifying!

Giving it All
21cm x 30cm mixed-media art
A FULL LIFE collection, 2013