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Galerijska paleta - Ustvarjalni v 2016
Glasilo, Maj 2016
(Slovenian magazine)
Naivna umetnost danes in jutri
Dolenjski List
June 16, 2016
(Slovenian newspaper)
"The Art of Motherhood"
In Print  Online
Jessica S. Losorata, Sunstar
Cebu, Philippines, June 2 2014
Bookends feature by Cheryl Mui
Sunday Life section p. 17, The Sunday Times (The Straits Times)
Singapore, May 11 2014
"Naïve Expressions of Mom"
In Print   Online
Anthika Muangrod, ARTS/Phuket News, March 7 2014
"A Tribute to Motherhood"
In Print   Online
Jeremy Tan, Community/ The Star (Malaysia), March 8 2014
Interview with Phuket Index
Interview with Phuket Index during the M.O.M. show, February 2014
Art Workshop with Typhoon Yolanda Environmental Refugees
Psychology Volunteers on Bikes (blog), December 2013
"Moments of Motherhood" - Japan
Design Festa Gallery News - English Blog, August 2013
"Moments of Motherhood" - Japan
Design Festa Gallery News - Japanese Blog, August 2013
Museum of Naive Heart
Jenara Regis Newman, Sun Star, June 2013
Cuentos Hispanofilipinos
Book Review by William Andrew G. Bulaqueña, El Obrero, p7/8, September 2011
Ritche T. Salgado, The Freeman
Simple Joys, August 2008
Ecological Visions on Quilt
Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 2008
The Painted Quilt
Ritchie landis doner quijano, Sun Star Cebu, June 10, 2008
Arts and Living: Quiltopia
Manila Bulletin, May 2008
Kababayan Spotlight - Gifted artist shares love of music through art
Kathy Arzadon Baker, Mabuhay, March 2008
The Unstoppable Chery Lynne Skinner
Bobbi Buchanan, New Southerner, Winter 2006-2007
Close to Heart
Cathy Babao-Guballa, Galing Pinay, March 2004
Arte visual y poesía: Brazos abiertos de Paulina Constancia!
Andrea Gallo, Revista Filipina.
English translation by Carolina Lemay
Paulina’s Art
Quennie Sanchez Bronce, SuperMag, Jan-Mar 2004
Visual Arts by Anne Marie Nakagawa
FFWD: Calgary’s News & Entertainment Weekly Nov 14, 2002
The heart of "Kiss & Bliss"
Cebu Daily News, February 12, 2002
Paulina Constancia zet stedenband ’op de kaart’
Het Witte Weekblad
PAULINA CONSTANCIA: Sipping from Her Glass of Samba
Filipino Bulletin, October 2001
Une artiste pleine de vie
Francis Chalifour Le Metropolitain  October 17, 2001
Vrokijk beschilderde quilts van Filippijnse Paulina Constancia
Zondag, 3 September 2001
Paulina Sleeps on Quilt and Dreams of a Secret Garden
Sunstar Life and Leisure, February 20, 2001
Women in Cebu who make a difference
Sunstar, November 12, 2000
Up Close: Looking at Paulina
Sunstar Horizons, February, 1995
Paulina Constancia blooms with ’Floral Chorus’
Philippine Star, April 29, 1996
The whimsical and witty world of Paulina
Life and Leisure, Sun-Star Daily, Cebu, Philippines October 12, 1996

December 1997, Back cover, Readers Digest Asia-Pacific Edition

July 1996, Featured artist, Mega Magazine