about Paulina and her art
"She brings us great honor by bringing Cebu to the world through her art. For someone who is so young and who has yet so much room to evolve, Paulina Constancia has certainly already made a difference in Cebu!"
Gina Atienza
"Women in Cebu Who Make A Difference"
SunStar Daily
November 2000
"Like the deft and silence of a painter’s brush on canvas, Paulina Constancia, Cebuana artist, is a personality as diverse as the colors on her painting."
Florence Yu
"Paulina on the GO"
SunStar Weekend
January 2001
"Her frolicsome brush applications super-imposed on stitches and needlework result in a successful fusion of folk tradition and contemporary art making brought about by her seriousness in the discipline without forgetting the fun in play."
Ritchie L.D. Quijano
Sunstar Life & Leisure
Feb 2001
"I have never seen so much optimism and joie de vivre depicted in a set of works as those I noticed in Paulina’s: whether these depict the joy of a mother soon to give birth, children at play, a musical ensemble, Adam and Eve in a Philippine Garden of Eden, or even a suspected self-portrait. And what burst of colors and allegorical imagery! These just transform one into an idyllic farm or a surreal world that can only be in the mind of one who truly appreciates and respects nature."
Ricardo J.S. Caluen
Filipino Bulletin, Toronto
October 2001
"Her paintings are like a breath of green air in the local art scene. It’s like going from the dusty street into a woody hide-away that’s full of magical secrets."

"One can classify her art as baroque, her innocence that of American painter Grandma Moses, but Paulina Constancia is her own person"
Leticia U. Suarez
Life and Leisure,SunStar Daily (Cebu)
October 12, 1996
"There is some art out there that speaks of, well, not the depressing state of the country, but of everything else."
Yeyey Cruz
Mega Magazine, July 1996
from feature article on Paulina "Incredibly Naive"
"The only thing that Paulina shares with other painters is her use of acrylic as a medium, the similarity ends there."
Marisa L.Mauricio
Living,Malaya Newspaper
May 9, 1996
"Her colors are so vivid, and her subjects so alive that you half-expect them to jump out of the frame to drag you into a tropical bacchanalia."
Mix-matched Patterns, Odd Textures
Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Manila
"One of the most noticeable qualities in her work is the lightness and naiveté of the paintings. There is a looseness in her style, an exuberance- often refreshing. But that looseness does not dismiss the sincerity in which Ms Constancia paints."
Filipino Reporter
New York-New Jersey
"In vivid colors, she describes a land where people still experience wonder and savor the unlikely trappings of the ordinary."
Anne Marie Nakagawa
Fast Forward Magazine, Calgary